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Connected | In Theaters 9/16
We humans are all ever-increasingly connected with one another [as cell phones and the internet foster still-further-reaching institutions, as global trade networks continue to expand, etc] is beyond dispute. What the sum total impact of this dizzying array of newfangled connections will be is, on the other hand, entirely disputed. Some hold out hope that a world in which we are ‘interdependent’ on the millions of people we’ve never met will be a world in which we take better care of each other, as well as our resources. Others see a world of festering apathy, of populaces glued to screens and voracious consumerism abetted by an uncaring online marketplace. To shed some light on this intertwined world in flux, Tiffany Shlain filmed it. She’s directed a movie called Connected, currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.   Read more…. Related articles Tiffany Shlain on being “Connected” ( Filmmaker &... Continue Reading