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Do Lectures 2011 – The People’s Take Over
Yesterday for our third post in the Do Lectures 2011 series we encouraged you to Start Where You Live. You never know quite how far you will travel. In the case of Welsh organic salt company Halen Môn their unique local product ended up at the White House in Obama’s favourite chocolates. Now that we’ve made a start and we’ve got some momentum let’s look at where change can take us with The People’s Take Over. Power to the People We heard yesterday that Michael Kelly’s dissatisfaction with his supermarket stocking Chinese garlic lead to him starting the Grow It Yourself movement. That’s one response to the dominance of supermarket culture that we feel powerless to change. Another response is The People’s Supermarket founded by chef Arthur Potts Dawson. So what does a local supermarket run by the people look like? Well the answer is 1400 owners of a food... Continue Reading