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Do Good Bus To Tour Alongside Foster The People…With Your Help
Except for the sparkling white charter bus sitting in Bryan Trainor and Jennifer Barrette-Trainor’s driveway on Sept. 30, one wouldn’t suspect the quiet neighborhood to be hosting one of the more popular bands to pass through the Quiet Corner in some time. Foster the People, whose song, “Pumped Up Kicks” is number three on Billboard’s Hot 100, was in town for a private acoustic concert. But this fundraising event wasn’t about the band, so much as the charitable work carried on by the Do Good Bus, in which they arrived. The bus is the brainchild of Rebecca Pontius, sister of drummer Mark Pontius, and her business partner Stephen Snedden. They came up with the idea of the moving tribute to charities a year ago in Los Angeles. Pontius and Snedden have worked in non-profits and volunteered for a variety of causes in the L.A. area over the last 10 years.... Continue Reading