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Good News Reuse – Reusable Pizza Box
Good News Reuse™ has created the first ever reusable pizza box made from sustainable materials. We call it the Pi Pan. Our goal is to replace the 3 billion cardboard pizza boxes used each year with the Pi Pan. It’s a lofty goal so we need to get started now. FAQs: What is the Pi Pan made of? The Pi Pan is made of thin commercial food grade stainless steel, as thin as a reusable water bottle. It is BPA-free and does not contain other unhealthy chemicals. How long does a Pi Pan last? Stainless steel lasts forever but we modestly claim 1,000+ uses. The Pi Pan is recyclable at any point in its lifetime. Tell me more about it… The Pi Pan has an innovative yet timeless design. Advanced engineering ensures that the reusable Pi Pan is lightweight yet strong, keeps pizzas hotter for longer, and is easy to... Continue Reading