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The app that dares you to care
In a time when economic uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain, it’s hard to focus on anything but your own survival. But with CareZone, Ritesh Tilani hopes you’ll still continue to care. A year ago Ritesh Tilani had an possibly profitable idea that would give consumers the choice to buy from socially conscious companies. And in August, under Tilani’s umbrella company Innoventa, the mobile app CareZone was launched at JamJar Dubai. And with over a hundred users in under a month, CareZone is poised to become a nationwide app of choice. So what is CareZone? The press release announcing its launch defines it as “the region’s first mobile platform with a heart.” “It benefits both companies and consumers while facilitating support for various charitable causes. The new mobile app aims to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in a socially responsible manner,” it continues. The app attempts to... Continue Reading