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In a time when economic uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain, it’s hard to focus on anything but your own survival. But with CareZone, Ritesh Tilani hopes you’ll still continue to care.

A year ago Ritesh Tilani had an possibly profitable idea that would give consumers the choice to buy from socially conscious companies. And in August, under Tilani’s umbrella company Innoventa, the mobile app CareZone was launched at JamJar Dubai.

And with over a hundred users in under a month, CareZone is poised to become a nationwide app of choice.

So what is CareZone?

The press release announcing its launch defines it as “the region’s first mobile platform with a heart.”

“It benefits both companies and consumers while facilitating support for various charitable causes. The new mobile app aims to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in a socially responsible manner,” it continues.

The app attempts to connect its users with socially conscious companies and charitable institutions.

Here’s the demo for the app: CareZone App

Ritesh Tilani, CEO, CareZone said “We have developed a solution that empowers both businesses and consumers to champion charitable causes. Every time the consumer chooses a CareZone partner when looking for somewhere to eat, shop, or just hang out, they are actively choosing to benefit their favorite causes and make a difference in this world.”

Check in at any CareZone retail and event partner and you will receive Coins. Buy anything at that outlet and you will further receive more coins depending on the price of your purchase. These coins will then be split in half—one half will go towards your CareZone rewards, which you can redeem at any partner outlet and the other half will be available for you to donate at any charitable institution on the CareZone list.

Retail partnerships, thought still fledgling, already include CSR giants like Aramex and local business Kitsch cupcakes. Additionally charity partners cover a variety of cause. These include global organisations like UN’s World Food Programme and local charities like Dubai Autism Centre.

‘With strategic partnerships already in place with well-established players and respected brands, we at CareZone hope to influence consumer behavior and the corporate giving philosophy of businesses and organisations in the region,” said Tilani.

CareZone launched in JamJar Dubai. Guests asked were asked to paint what giving means to them

The app uses a location-based software that identifies an extensive selection of retail partners participating in CareZone. Users can see messages from brands that have made a conscious decision to be socially responsible.

CareZone will also come with a social media component that allows users to share their good deeds with followers, friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, thus encouraging them to support a cause through CareZone as well.

The app’s mobile search and location-based features could change the way consumers decide where they are going to eat, drink, shop and entertain themselves and their families.

CareZone not only places brands top-of-mind and prominently on search results, but also gives its users a direct incentive for simply visiting an outlet,” said Tilani.

CareZone is currently available on Apple mobile devices. It will soon be available on Symbian and Blackberry.

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