Good News Reuse – Reusable Pizza Box

Good News Reuse™ has created the first ever reusable pizza box made from sustainable materials. We call it the Pi Pan. Our goal is to replace the 3 billion cardboard pizza boxes used each year with the Pi Pan. It’s a lofty goal so we need to get started now.


What is the Pi Pan made of?

The Pi Pan is made of thin commercial food grade stainless steel, as thin as a reusable water bottle. It is BPA-free and does not contain other unhealthy chemicals.

How long does a Pi Pan last?
Stainless steel lasts forever but we modestly claim 1,000+ uses. The Pi Pan is recyclable at any point in its lifetime.

Tell me more about it…

The Pi Pan has an innovative yet timeless design. Advanced engineering ensures that the reusable Pi Pan is lightweight yet strong, keeps pizzas hotter for longer, and is easy to clean. The initial Pi Pan is designed to fit a 14” or 16” pizza, the most common sizes for take-out and delivery. The geometries of the design are easily extendable to different sizes. Aluminum and stainless steel pans are widely used in pizza operations so there is already a familiarity of use for operators and consumers.

Does the Pi Pan require assembly?
Unlike a traditional cardboard pizza box, there is no assembly required.

What are some of the benefits of the Pi Pan?

  • Reusable – lasts forever
  • Pays for itself after 30 uses in businesses with reoccurring deliveries
  • Delivers a hotter, crispier, tastier pizza – no cardboard taste
  • Adapts easily into existing food operations
  • Attractive, simple, lasting design
  • Environmental contribution and statement
  • BPA-free, with no other unhealthy chemicals

How much will the Pi Pan cost?
For commercial food operators, we plan to sell the Pi Pan for $15 to $20 at volume production (the average cost of a cardboard pizza box is $0.50). For retail customers, we plan to sell the Pi Pan for $34.95.

Why are you first promoting the Pi Pan for use at pizzerias and food companies instead of to individual consumers?  

We are targeting food service companies who make reoccurring deliveries to schools and businesses because we think we can make the quickest environmental impact here. Schools are especially important to us because kids learn by doing.
Will you sell Pi Pans to individuals?
Ultimately we want all pizza lovers to have a reusable Pi Pan. Individual Pi Pans will be available on our website soon.
Could I use a Pi Pan at home?
Yes. There are several home uses.

  • Transport your pizza from your local pizzeria, saving a cardboard box. It’s just like bringing in your own reusable shopping bag.
  • Reheat your pizza on the Pi Pan bottom.
  • Serve your pizza on the Pi Pan, just as if you were eating in a pizzeria.

Cleaning is easy. Just use soap, water, and a gentle scrub brush as needed. For businesses, it is commercial dishwasher safe.

A cardboard pizza box works perfectly well. Why do we need a reusable one?
It is cheaper, healthier, more sustainable and the pizza tastes better.Most people are surprised to learn that pizza boxes are not recyclable. People also don’t realize that recycled cardboard contains BPAs.Pizza box waste impacts the environment negatively in three ways:

  • Destruction of trees and other environmental resources;
  • Excessive waste in our landfills and/or contamination of community recycling projects, as food contaminated containers are not recyclable or compostable in most communities;
  • Perpetuation of the single-use mentality among consumers, particularly school age children.

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