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This Massive Land Art Portrait Fights for Human Rights in Central America
In support of women’s rights in Central America, artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada has created the largest portrait ever installed on Dutch soil. Spanning the length of two football fields, and located in Amsterdam, the picture was produced with the help of over 80 volunteers. The face, of an anonymous Central American activist, was made from sand and soil and will stay up as long as the elements allow. Commissioned by the feminist foundation Mama Cash, the piece helped launch the campaign “Vogelvrije Vrouwen: Defend Women Who Defend Human Rights,” a response to escalating violence against human rights activists in Mexico and Central America. In Dutch, ‘Vogelvrije’ means ‘free as a bird’ but, “also has the connotation of a person who is outside the boundaries of the legal system, someone who is not protected by the law.” ‘Vrouwen’ means ‘women.’ The campaign runs through 2013 and will provide the Dutch ways to put pressure on... Continue Reading