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Can you spare some change?
Mark Horvath, a homeless activist is taking long strides to raise awareness regarding the issue of homelessness. Claiming the reasons why people end up on the streets are complex. He went from six figures to zero after making a series of bad decisions in his life. Other reasons could include mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, job loss, living beyond a person’s means, and loss of a loved one. “For me it was 20 years of bad decisions, for some it’s hurricanes,” said Horvath. He aims to break the stereotypes, and call attention to a flawed shelter system that does not work. Horvath is on a serious mission to end homelessness, in fact, it’s his raison d’être. He is now on a journey across Canada to podcast the homeless in a mission to put a face on the problem. Follow Horvath’s tracks on     Community – Orléans Star... Continue Reading
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