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Poverty isn’t just a game
You’ve lost your job. You’ve lost your house. You’re down to your last $1,000. Can you make it through the month? Jenny Nicholson is tired of hearing how the poor are poor because they make poor choices. Let’s see what kind of choices you make when it’s your turn to be flattened by the economy. That’s the idea behind Spent, an online game Nicholson created to challenge popular misconceptions about poverty. Play it at So far, it’s been played more than a million times by people from around the world. And Nicholson is challenging every member of Congress to play it, too. She’s got a petition going at . Jenny Nicholson, creator of Spent. Nicholson, 32, is a copywriter for McKinney, a national advertising agency in Durham, N.C., whose clients include Nationwide Insurance, Sherwin-Williams, Gold’s Gym, Coldwell Banker and the phone company CenturyLink. Another client is Urban Ministries... Continue Reading