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Council votes in favour of shark fin ban: Yay Toronto!
Toronto city councillors voted to ban the sale of shark fin products Tuesday afternoon. The final vote was 38-4. Councillors are also urging Ontario to adopt a province-wide ban. The bylaw will bring an end to the sale of shark fins and controversial products such as shark fin soup. The ban also makes it illegal for any Torontonian to possess or consume the product. Councillors in favour of the ban kicked off the meeting by presenting petitions with more than 16,000 signatures from people in favour of banning shark fin products. The bylaw would provide businesses selling shark fin products with a six-month grace period to sell of their excess stock before being subjected to steep fines. The vote was put over until today after city councillors dealt with several other matters, including a vote to privatize garbage collection, and ran out of time Monday. Supporters and opponents of the proposed... Continue Reading