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Good Samaritan Pays Fares
The holidays are upon us and the spirit of giving is already in full swing in the Northland. An anonymous good Samaritan is paying it forward today. It’s the time of year when we do what we can to help others, especially those who’ve fallen on misfortune. A man from Duluth recently came upon some good fortune. After losing his wallet for a spell, it made it’s way back to him with everything accounted for. “It came to him in the mail and everything was there and so he said he was just overjoyed obviously that his wallet came back like that and he decided what the heck, let me pay it forward so to speak.” Pay it forward, by helping others in an equally unexpected way. Jim Heilig at the Duluth Transit Administration assisted the man in guiding his aspirations to give. As some people were waiting in the... Continue Reading