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Baby squirrel has three mamas
It was a beautiful sunny day this Sunday past. A perfect day for a long bike ride. My partner and I decided to venture from the west end of Toronto to the East, to explore the Cabbagetown Art’s and Crafts Sale. In order to get there, we decided to go through Queen’s Park. In the center of the park, we came across a small group of people who seemed to be fawning over something. Upon taking a closer look, we realized it was a baby squirrel. He was quite taken with a young university student, by the name of Elliot. The little guy was determined to stay close to him, crawling over his shoe, or hanging onto his pant cuff. He seemed to feel best when he was curled up in the safety of Elliot’s hands. The small group of us became all more concerned about the little squirrel’s welfare.... Continue Reading