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The Hidden Eco-Benefits of Working from Home
Some time ago I posted on how we built a home office in an storage old barn using reclaimed materials. And I have to say that working from home is one of my favorite thing about my current job(s). Every now and then, of course, we hear of studies that claim that telecommuting is more polluting than working from an office—studies that Lloyd usually debunks in pretty short order. But nevertheless these get me thinking—telecommuting has way more eco-benefits than just saving on gas from your commute. Here are a few of my favorites. (Yes, some of them involve peeing.) Peeing in Your Yard: Not many offices are equipped with a waterless urinal, but my home office certainly is. It’s called my yard. And by peeing on my mulch I even get an unput of nutrients for my sadly neglected garden. I could argue that there is less demand for... Continue Reading