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David de Rothschild Prepares for a New Adventure in the Amazon
(Interview between treehugger & David de Rothschild) For the Plastiki expedition, David de Rothschild sailed across the Pacific in a boat made of plastic to raise awareness of ocean pollution. His newest adventure, which sets off next week, will take him into the heart of the Amazon region in Brazil. TreeHugger: We hear you’re preparing for another adventure. What’s the destination this time? David de Rothschild: Yes, I am getting ready for another adventure. We’re heading off for the amazon early next week. Part of the team is already down there now. It’s a pretty interesting adventure, and we will attempt to use art as a way to raise awareness on social and environmental issues. We’re going down into Northeast Brazil, an area that is slated for the Bello Monte Dam complex. The area is actually called the “Big Bend,” which is part of the Xingu River. We’ll start out... Continue Reading