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Lessons From The Lorax
The Lorax is a glorious creature, who embodies the environment and acts as the guardian of green. He is the “voice of the trees” and attempts to fight a lonesome battle against the giants of industry, the Once-ler. Overall, his message rings true to the folks here at Urban Times, as we also believe that without action, no solutions can be assembled. Where the story of The Lorax hits the nerve is exactly where we diverge however, Seuss emphasizes the woe and sacrifice attached to the battle of the environment at the time (1970s), whereas we like to think of the bright days ahead. In the book, the arguments for and against big industry are largely simplified for younger audiences, but Dr. Seuss’ message was certainly not without controversy (in the 70s and 80s). Certain schools banned the work for attempting to put the logging industry into disrepute, and companies... Continue Reading