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Bob Marley’s activist granddaughter in MTL for world premiere of her new Rasta doc at FNC
“It is difficult to be a Marley and it is [also] not difficult to live up to the Marley name because I am who I am,” says Donisha Prendergast, the 25-year-old documentary filmmaker and granddaughter of global music icon Bob Marley. “People expect things from me just because I am a Marley. Some have good expectations and others have bad expectations. Sometimes people expect me to be a diva. But I don’t deal with all that celebrity stuff. It’s not necessary for me.” Prendergast is in Montreal this week for the world premiere at the 40th annual Festival du Nouveau Cinéma of her much-anticipated documentary film RasTa, A Soul’s Journey directed by awarding-winning filmmaker Stuart Samuels. The doc follows Donisha as she explores Rastafari communities in the U.S., Israel, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Ethiopia, Canada and the United Kingdom where her grandfather’s captivating live performances and message are still venerated.... Continue Reading