The Story Behind “NDNP”

Hello, my name is Dayle Sheward. I am the creator if this blog “Nice deeds, by nice people“, as well as www.dayle.me “Nice design, for nice people”.

The following is my story about how I landed in a place where I have a blog about positive social change. It is true, as a child I was a bit of a tree hugger, and I will be honest, I never really let that go as an adult. I have always been interested in the issues we face today. But, like many I became consumed in my career. Years passed, and I was too busy to devote any time to the issues that matter to me. Like all things we push way down deep, it came bubbling up. I found myself becoming more and more unsatisfied in my profession. So, I quit my 9 to 5 job to go freelance.

I started devoting more time to volunteer work. My sabbatical paid me back three-fold. I was sculpted by the experience of giving a bit of myself to others. I am now hooked on doing good deeds. Although, unfortunately for many – good deeds does not pay the rent. So, it is my goal to use my skills as a freelance designer for both print and web to help non-profits, socially conscious people, and organizations who are all working towards a positive social impact.

Never before have we had such a powerful tool as the internet to educate ourselves and others. Yet, I find for the most part, we are not exposed to the news we should be. Every time I go through the check-out at the grocery store and I see the tabloids, or I read the latest headline rolls I am reminded of this. There is so much going on in the world that we have a responsibility to ourselves, and our future generations not to close our eyes to it. Issues like climate change, energy crisis, famine… just to name a few. However, It is my goal to stay positive with this blog. One thing I have learned is that if you remain positive, helpful, courteous and kind to others… it will spread. Caring is contagious.

With this thought, I urge you to read the posts, partake in the conversations, and share with others.

I thank you for visiting. And please get in-touch directly if you would like to contribute.

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